Firm Overview

Year Established 1986

I have extensive litigation experience in the Los Angeles Superior Court and I have argued, researched and written briefs in the United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit, the California Court of Appeal, Second District, and the California Supreme Court. I have experience in viewing and analyzing issues from the perspectives of both employer and employee. I can provide the following potential benefits to you.


  • I can provide an objective assessment of your case. This promotes early, cost-effective resolution of litigation disputes and it forms a rational basis for deciding whether to initiate and/or continue litigation.
  • I can view both sides of a legal issue. This is useful in anticipating, and countering, the litigation strategies of the opposition.
  • I can litigate your case in all aspects of trial and, if necessary, during appeal.
  • I can research and write appellate briefs and petitions for review.
  • Given my appellate experience, I can anticipate many of the potential consequences of various trial strategies; and
  • I can conduct unbiased, objective investigations on behalf of employers who receive complaints of unlawful discrimination or harassment.
  • I am accessible to established clients via voice mail and/or e-mail and I attempt to be personally responsive to their legal needs.
  • My office uses computer-assisted research and court reporting software to generate timely litigation reports upon request by clients.