Representative Clients

Representative Employer Clients
Established employer clients are varied and have included real estate companies, a distributor of radiology equipment, a plant nursery, distributors and manufacturers of safety equipment, restaurants, physician and dental practice groups, an employment training company, a horse stable, a contractor, benefits’ consulting companies, alternative energy companies, software development companies, garment manufacturers, a package manufacturer, a civil¬†engineering company, a fuel station and convenience store, and companies in food services, aerospace, transportation, and biotechnology industries.


Representative Employee Clients
Employee clients have included pharmacists, physicians, brokers, health care administrators, X-ray technologists, accountants, attorneys, investment bankers and advisors, bank and mortgage officers, sales managers and sales representatives of varied industries, including medical equipment, insurance, communication systems, the media and the entertainment industries, executive secretaries, administrative assistants, educators, curatorial staff, engineers, office administrators, computer programmers, airline pilots, various city employees, and managers and executives of various companies.